2016 was a good year for your credit union.  Our membership grew by 358 members and we disbursed 180 loans in 2016. Assets grew by almost 5%, share (savings) deposits were up by 4% and delinquency remained steady.  Not only is your credit union surviving, it is thriving. Considering that there are 3 other financial institutions in the area, it is a true blessing that we were not only able to maintain our institution, but also experience some modest growth.  It is with the support of you, the member and the confidence you have bestowed upon us, that is the secret to our continued existence. The future looks bright for your credit union and we sincerely hope that you will continue to support us as we continue to fulfill our mission in the community which is serving the underserved with financial services.


Spread the word!  We have room for all who want to join!

Richard  Witherspoon, Treasurer/CEO



          We are in our 46th year of service to our community.  When we came into existence 46 years ago, our mission was based on “People Helping People”.  We have been living up to that mission and we hope to continue to do that as the community continues to grow and take on new directions.  We want to reach our young ones by starting them on good saving habits.  We want to reach out to the membership to assist them with their financial needs.  We want to offer additional services to the membership to further enhance their financial health and empowerment.  This will help us to continue to grow and be here for another 46 years or longer.  We will continue our mission in the community along the way which is “People Helping People”.

Carol  Sims, President


What can the Hill District Federal Credit Union do for YOU?



President ............. Carol Sims

Vice President ............. Earl Hord, Jr.

Treasurer ............. Richard Witherspoon

Secretary ............. Kymberly Harper

Director ............. Mary Culpepper

Director ............. Fred Massey, Jr.

Director ............. Aerion Abney


Fred Massey, CPA Chairman

Marvin B. Prentice

Shelley Sims


2021 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

info@hilldistrictfcu.org  |  (412) 281-0822

Routing #243083745

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