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          You the member and co-owner of the Hill District Federal Credit Union, are a person of value. Whether you want to save your money or borrow, whether you're looking for information, advice or counseling, it is our personal responsibility to assist you. In our credit union, we firmly believe that our only justification for being is service to God and our fellow man. Stop in today for an application!

Richard  Witherspoon,Treasurer/CEO



          Our field of membership is open to individuals having the following common bonds:


          Residents of and persons who are employed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, within the boundaries beginning at the intersection of Sixth Street and Fifth Avenue, extending East to Robinson Street, North on Robinson Street to Alliquippa Street to Centre Avenue, extending northeast on Centre Avenue to Bigelow Boulevard, Northward on Bigelow Boulevard cutting across Monroe Street at the Bloomfield Bridge and continuing Westerly on Bigelow Boulevard to Sixth Street and extending Southeast on Sixth Street to Fifth Avenue; employees and registered volunteers of Community Action Agencies who work in Neighborhood Development Programs in the above described area; employees of this Credit Union; Organizations of such persons; and Organizations which propose to provide economic assistance to people within the above described area through the purchase of shares of the credit union.

          If you do not live, work or worship in the Hill District, you can join based on becoming a member of an organization giving economic assistance in this area as stated above. Any associate member or employee of an organization is then eligible to open up their own personal account with the credit union.

          For example, it cost $5 become an associate member of the Hill District Business Association. That $5 will go into the business association’s account and then as an associate member of this group, you are now eligible to open up your own account with the credit union which will be $6, for a total of $11.00.

This is what gets you to the $11.00 total:
$5.00 to join the Hill District Business Association
$5.00 minimum account balance in the credit union
$1.00 joining fee to become a member of the credit union
Yes we do have business bank accounts as well.

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