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A Message from the CEO, Richard Witherspoon

I am writing this message to update you on the status and health of your credit union in these difficult times in our society. With the scourge of COVID-19, the massive unemployment levels, and the revelation of inequality in the African American community, these are very tough times we are now experiencing. As it is, and always has been in this community, we have found a way to make it out of no way. The community has really stepped up to give support and encouragement to the Hill District Federal Credit Union, the only African American owned and operated financial institution in the tri-state area even in these challenging times.

In the month of June, we opened 116 new accounts, our total assets have increased by more than 2 million dollars over the same period last year and we have been able to institute new services to help address our member’s economic downturn. If you know of anyone in the community that is having financial difficulties and need help and/or guidance, do not hesitate to send them our way. We know for a fact that in order to be blessed by God, you have to be a blessing to His people. Thank you one and all for having faith and confidence in the Hill District Federal Credit Union for the past 50 years and we look forward to continuing our mission in the community which is attending to the financial health of those we serve.

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1 Comment
Jan 12, 2021

Great post. it is an very valuable post for us. yes I agree with you, nowadays most of people lost her job for this virus. it is a very difficult time for us. thanks for sharing this post. CEO

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